Glenn Beck Says J.D. Hayworth's Campaign is Over

Glenn Beck took time off from weeping over the word "America," gushing over the founding fathers, and scaring the ever-loving shit out of his far-right followers with his chalkboard of doom to call Arizona's GOP Senate primary.

Nearly two months before primary day, Beck says Senator John McCain will win.

Beck, often quick to point out that he's no McCain fan, said this morning that "J.D. Hayworth's campaign is over."

He then went on to make fun of Hayworth for the next eight minutes. Check out the video after the jump.

Beck's in a tizzy over Hayworth's starring in an infomercial for a company that advised users on ways to obtain "free government money" while he was a broadcaster for KFYI.

"I believe we can announce on this program that J.D. Hayworth's campaign is over. J.D. Hayworth apparently made an infomercial -- and I don't know how it took this long to find the infomercial, but it did...I thought, when I first heard this audio, I thought -- and there's video that goes with it -- I thought it was a parody! I thought it was a spoof! I thought it was somebody saying -- making fun of the system that we have set up. No, no, no. This is J.D. Hayworth waving the flag and saying, 'Hey, hey, hey! Get that money! It's not free, it's yours!' Oh my gosh. This guy's done."

Hayworth and McCain are in the midst of a showdown over who's the most conservative, so Hayworth's telling people to run and get that free money isn't being well received among the far-right-wingers.

Hayworth defended his appearance in the ad saying, "I'm a broadcaster, and yeah, I appeared in this, and yes, it was a job. And that's that."

Glad that's cleared up -- Hayworth supporters must be reassured by that stunning attempt at spin-control.

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