Harry Caray

Current jobs: Cubs broadcaster on WGN TV and radio. Budweiser salesman extraordinaire.

Cool because: Cub fan, Bud man.
Third, fourth, fifth and sixth favorite local restaurants: "I go upstairs to Gregory's, I go to Don & Charlie's, I go to the El Chorro across the street from the Mountain Shadows a lot. That might be my favorite place. And I go to Avanti's. I go to Riazzi's, too, usually during the daytime if Oakland has a ballgame there. I'll go over and have lunch and then go to the ballgame."

First and second favorite restaurants: Harry and Steve's Chicago Grill, Scottsdale and Mesa. "I haven't seen the new place since it became Harry and Steve's. Of course, in Mesa, I'm there every day before the ballgame or after the ballgame."

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Cap'n Dave

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