Hells Angels Hater Mike Yevtuck Wants World to Know He Aint No Racist

The Hells Angels Motorcycle Club and this newspaper have an (ahem) interesting relationship. Every time we write about the gang (literally every time), the comment section of each blog post erupts with comments from people accusing the group of molesting children, cooking meth, and various other crimes. Members of the group counter by threatening New Times writers, spelling things wrong, and apparently posting racist comments under the names of those who oppose them.

Check out some examples here...and here...and once again here.

One of those in frequent opposition to the "8-1" is Mike Yevtuck, who tells New Times his hatred of the gang dates back to when he was 14 years old. More importantly, Yevtuck wants New Times readers to know that he's not a racist, despite there being some very racist comments left on blog posts under his name.

For example, the following comment was left under the name "Mike Yevtuck" on a blog post about a few guys who stole about 5,000 OxyContins from a pharmacy last week (all sic):

"those drug addict spooks and pecker woods in the pictures are friends with new times hack writer james king.he hangs out with a bad crowd and always has. the hells angels are his main local drug connection for meth. talk to james king at new times if you want these drug addict bandits caught. james knows good and well where they are and where they live."

Here's the link to that article.

Yevtuck wants the world to know that he's not a racist and the rant quoted above, and other racist comments left on the New Times website in the past, were not left by him. He suspects the people leaving the comments are members of the Hells angels trying to discredit him.

"[The Hells Angels] are out there runnin' around, doin' what they do," Yevtuck says, "but they're too pussy to do anything about it."

Yevtuck says his problems with the gang date back years and stem from the way it's historically treated women and children.

"They've been beatin' 'em up and fuckin' 'em up for as long as I can remember," he continues.

So, just to clear things up, Mike Yevtuck wants the world to know that he's not a racist. If you see racist comments on this website under his name, they were not written by him.

Now, let the Hells Angels' blog post comment battle commence...

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