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Here's How Matt Salmon Spent His Time "Questioning" Hillary Clinton on Benghazi

Earlier this week, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton gave testimony at both House and Senate committees on the September 11 attack on the on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya.

Finally, Republicans got what they were waiting for -- although not quite everyone was effective in their opportunity to question Clinton. Above, you can see how Republican Congressman Matt Salmon opted to spend three minutes and 16 seconds questioning Clinton.

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Salmon's questioning is pretty illustrative of why next-to-nothing came out of these hearings.

Here's a breakdown of how Salmon spent his 3:16, which you can use as a guide while you watch (or don't watch) his questioning:

  • 0:04-0:58

Starts his "questioning" by declaring that the Obama administration has a history of misleading the American public, and brings up the "Fast and Furious" operation, without any hint of a question.

  • 0:59-1:06

Ironically, notes that the purpose of the hearing is to get answers out of Clinton.

  • 1:07-1:15

A question! "How do we make sure that such gross mis...presentations of attacks on Americans never happen again?" Clinton's (paraphrased) answer: Make improvements.

  • 1:16-1:30

Another question! Asks Clinton what she thinks is going to happen to the state department employees who were found to be "culpable" by an advisory review board. Clinton's answer was that it's a process.

  • 1:31-2:21

Last question: Is Clinton concerned about the flow of information within the state department? Clinton's (paraphrased) answer: Make improvements.

  • 2:22-2:55


  • 2:56-3:11

Harry Truman gets name-dropped.

  • 3:12-3:19

Notes that he hopes, through questioning, that they "actually get somewhere with this."

  • 3:20

Salmon goes back to Clinton to answer his questions.

As you can see, absolutely nothing came of that three-minute softball game between Salmon and Clinton.

Somehow, we're about to throw a bone to former Congressman Ben Quayle here, but if you're in on a dog-and-pony show Congressional hearing, Quayle wasn't pretty damn good at handling that:

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