Homes for Miniature Donkeys Sought by Arizona Nonprofit, Internet Goes Crazy!

A Cave Creek horse-rescue organization is drowning in adoption applications after a Facebook post soliciting homes for 20 adorably fluffy miniature donkeys was shared more than 86,000 times.

In response to the high interest, Michele Schafer, community outreach director for the all-volunteer-run Triple R Horse Rescue, said the group agreed to bring in 10 additional donkeys.

But when the calls and e-mails kept pouring in by the hundreds, the group had to take down the post, which featured a spotted baby miniature donkey, because they didn’t have the manpower to respond — let along process adoption applications.

“This thing has just blown up!” she said.

Schafer can’t wrap her mind around why the Facebook page went so crazy, except to note: “They’re very cute, and they make great companion animals.”

Each donkey has its own story, but, Schafer said, animals often end up at the rescue because their owners can no longer afford to keep them.

The Triple R Horse Rescue is bringing the donkeys in from Houston in about six weeks. After they arrive, they may need medical care or training to get them used to hanging out with people.

If you’re interested in giving miniature donkey (or horse) parenting a try, fill out an application at

It costs $400 to adopt from Triple R Horse Rescue (100 percent of that goes to fund more horse and donkey rescues).

The nonprofit is pretty picky about who it gives its animals to, however.

They only place animals with Arizona families, Schafer said, because they want to be able to check in on the animals once they’ve been re-homed.

“The adopting part is the easy part,” she said. “It’s what happens afterward that’s important. If you bring a miniature donkey home, you have to care for it.”  
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