Hot Links: Fiesta Bowl, Scorpion Stings, and Kyrsten Sinema

The Fiesta Bowl wants a refund from the city of Glendale for at least $600,000 for overpayment of taxes on ticket sales. Fiesta Bowl officials say, for the past three years, they've overpaid for taxes at University of Phoenix Stadium. Glendale would not confirm or deny the request, but city officials recently asked the Arizona Sports and Tourism Authority to return more than $600,000 in taxes they say were collected by error from an unnamed non-profit entity...Rodney Eugene Smith Jr., who shot and wounded three people at South Mountain Community College in 2008, has pleaded guilty to two counts of aggravated assault. Smith, 24, faces a sentence ranging from probation to to nine years in prison on each count. He'll be sentenced April 23...Scorpion stings are on the rise in the Valley, according to health officials. Banner Poison Control Center received 34 calls about scorpion stings last weekend alone, and they expect the calls to increase as the weather heats up. Officials say people should check their sheets, socks, and shoes if they suspect there are scorpions near their home...

Tucson Congresswoman Gabrielle Gifford's office was vandalized early Monday morning. Gifford, who voted "yes" on the healthcare reform legislation, says someone kicked out or shot out the front glass door of her office. Plywood has been placed over the damage...State Representative Kyrsten Sinema will stand by President Barack Obama Tuesday as he signs the healthcare reform bill into law. Sinema was handpicked by Obama last year to help shape the healthcare debate, and calls the passage of the reform "incredible"...A man from Fountain Hills was bitten by a rattlesnake while he was hiking and texting. Ronn Hart was bitten two weeks ago, and says he still has trouble moving around, even after paying $75,000 for 18 vials of anti-venom. Doctors at Banner Good Samaritan's Poison and Drug Information Center say they start to see more snakebites this time of year.

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