Hot Links: Gang Shooting, a Pimp, and Jan Brewer

Two people were injured after a car chase involving suspected gang members turned into a shooting in Phoenix yesterday afternoon. While driving east on Roeser Road, someone in the black vehicle began to shoot at a sedan, hitting the car several times and the driver. The driver drove off the road and slammed into a tree, injuring the front passenger. The shooting suspects are still at large...Governor Jan Brewer will announce today that the state again will apply for a portion of the $4 billion federal education grant. This will be the second time Arizona has applied. Out of 40 states plus the District of Columbia that applied in the first round of competition, Arizona's application ranked 40th. Only South Dakota posted a worse score...Two people were ejected from their vehicle as it rolled over on northbound Loop 101 in Tempe on yesterday afternoon. A section of the freeway was closed during rush hour, and traffic was backed up for miles as rescuers treated people at the scene...

Police are investigating the discovery of a woman's body placed near their downtown Phoenix headquarters. Just after 11:30 p.m. yesterday, a 58-year-old man walked into the headquarters and confessed to killing his 46-year-old wife. Police say the two were driving in their car when they got in an arguement and the man stabbed her...A convicted pimp was sentenced to eight years in prison in his child prostitution case. Jacob Heckstall, 28, recruited a 16-year-old girl and forced her into prostitution in 2008, police say. Investigators say Heckstall advertised her on the Internet, then forced her to turn tricks in motels along Interstate 17 in Phoenix...Authorities in Winslow said they arrested a man Tuesday after he was accused of running a vehicle recycling operation in his back yard. Three law enforcement agencies and Navajo County Code Enforcement participated in a joint investigation that led to the arrest of Matthew Torres. Torres was charged with four counts of possessing a vehicle without a title and one count of recycling vehicles without a license.

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