Hot Links: "No Yobs Aqui," the Grand Canyon, and Grandma's Pot Bust

City of Phoenix will offer a $15k incentive to home buyers who purchase a foreclosed townhouse, condominium, or single family home. The catch? Buyers must qualify for credit by the Federal Housing Administration and attend a marathon counseling session on homeownership...The owner of a business called Team Ramco in Yuma had to explain himself, after posting a sign that reads "No Yobs Aqui" on his business. ("No Aqui" means "not here" in Spanish, but spelling "jobs" with a "y" is not proper Spanish). The owner, who has the superhero-ish name Flash Sharrar, says he got the idea for the sign from watching comedian Carlos Mencia's show, on which the word 'jobs' is pronounced 'yobs.'  Apparently, not everyone appreciates the joke...Archaeologists in the Grand Canyon are working to rescue artifacts from nine different sites, most of which are 1000 years old. The National Park service doesn't usually mess with the sites, but the artifacts are in peril from water and wind...Got weed? Don't give it to grandma for smuggling. A grandmother was arrested at the U.S. port of entry in Douglas, after border agents found ten pounds of marijuana stuffed into her purse and the purse of another woman. Officers said the women were "nicely dressed" and driving a Chevy Suburban. The pot was discovered during a routine inspection...The Arizona House of Representatives is looking for alternatives to Governor Jan Brewer's proposed sales tax increase to help solve the state's budget woes. Those alternatives include selling the state fairgrounds on 19th Avenue, as well as an airport near the Grand Canyon...Are you younger than 30? You are already approaching geezer-hood, according to researchers at the University of Virginia, who announced that a series of tests on memory, reasoning, and other faculties showed that subjects' mental abilities began to decline at the age of 27. If such research holds water, then Hannah Montana is only 11 years from the beginning of her geriatric journey.

City of Phx to offer $15k to those who buy a foreclosed home

'No Yobs Aqui' sign offensive to some

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