If You Fatally Stabbed Ramon Medina-Gutierrez Friday Night, Mesa Police Would Like to Have a Word With You

Police in Mesa have a problem: a man was fatally stabbed and authorities have no idea who did it.

About 11:30 p.m. Friday, police responded to a call about a car that crashed into a home on East McLellan Road.

The person who called 9-1-1 told dispatchers that the driver of the vehicle was still in the car and he appeared to be gasping for air.

Rescuers were able to remove the man -- later identified as 35-year-old Ramon Medina-Gutierrez, of Phoenix -- from the vehicle by breaking a window (when police found the vehicle, all the doors were locked). As they were treating him, it became apparent that he'd been stabbed.

Medina-Gutierrez was taken to a nearby hospital, where he later was pronounced dead.

Witnesses told detectives they'd seen Medina-Gutierrez's Chevy pickup truck traveling south on Center Street when the truck suddenly swerved across the northbound lane and crashed into the home.

Nobody was seriously injured in the crash, although, a brick was propelled through a front window when the truck hit the house and a child was cut by some glass.

Cops have little information indicating where Medina-Gutierrez was when he was stabbed. Additionally, they have no suspect information.

Anyone with info about the apparent murder is asked to call the Mesa Police Department at 480-644-2211, or Silent Witness at 480-WITNESS.

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