Is the Anti-Mark Mitchell Crowd Pulling the "Most Repulsive Last-Minute Attack in Arizona History"?

This week, folks not too fond of Tempe mayoral candidate Mark Mitchell have been pushing a report from the Phoenix Police Department, in which a woman claims Mitchell engaged in some sexual activities with her when she was a kid, and Mitchell was 13 or 14 years old.

As we mentioned yesterday, the woman contends these incidents occurred in 1983, and just recently brought this up to the cops.

According to the police report, the woman "expressed that this has been eating at her for years and it has gotten worse lately due to the public exposure of Mitchell at this time as he is a current Tempe City Councilman who is a mayoral candidate for the City of Tempe."

Some of the things in the report don't really seem to add up, but some of the anti-Mitchell folks say it's not about the woman's claims in the report, the part they're bothered by is that Mitchell told police he didn't know who the woman was, despite talking to her a few days earlier. Or so they claim that's what's upsetting.

Jason Rose, the PR dude for Mitchell's opponent, Michael Monti, told the Arizona Republic in a story posted late last night that he had "nothing to do with it." The paper adds that Rose also "complained" that no one in the media picked up on the story. Rose is also the one who denied having anything to do with the Ben Quayle/Brock Landers episode.

Regardless, it's not very likely that anything would happen to Mitchell in this case/alleged smear attempt described by Mitchell as "what may be the most repulsive last-minute attack in Arizona history."

That leads us to this morning's question: Is this the "most repulsive last-minute attack in Arizona history"?

Cast your vote below, and consider that Jan Brewer's still not dying and Terry Goddard's still not gay:

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