James Ray Speaks Out About Sweat Lodge Tragedy; Let's Just Say it Didn't Go Well

The Oprah-approved snake-oil salesman who organized the "spiritual warrior" sweat-tent debacle in Sedona that left three people dead and dozens injured, is finally speaking out publicly about the ordeal.

James Arthur Ray sat down with Michael Joseph Gross of New York magazine last week for a little Q and A. However, a lot of the Q's were softballs and many of the A's came from Ray's lawyer.

For someone who claims no wrongdoing in the tragedy, having his lawyer chime in to answer questions isn't sending the best message.

When his lawyer wasn't answering questions for him, Ray dodges the tougher ones by saying, "Well I may have" or by referring to his "white papers."

"You know, I think I'll just refer you to the 'white papers' on that one," Ray answers when asked if he was aware that people were vomiting, screaming, and passing out during the October ceremony.

The "white papers" are a collection of pipe-dreams Ray's lawyers concocted as explanations to some of the more pertinent questions surrounding the case. They were posted on Ray's Web site, supposedly to "set the record straight." In reality, they are a half-cocked legal defense for the negligent-homicide charges the Yavapai County Attorney's Office suggests may be on the horizon for Ray.

Check the "white papers" out here.

The full New York magazine interview can be seen here. It's a great read if you're into people avoiding answering questions at all costs.

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