Jason Amos, 25, Got a Girl Pregnant. Unfortunately For Him She's Only 17

Jason Amos is in a little bit of trouble.

You see, he recently got a 17-year-old girl pregnant, which wouldn't be a huge deal if Amos wasn't 25 -- but he is, and he now faces several sex with a kid-related crimes.

According to court records obtained by New Times, the 17-year-old's step-mother contacted Surprise police on January 19, to let them know that her step-daughter was pregnant -- and that the suspected father, Amos, is 25.

The girl told police she'd had sex with Amos several times since turning 17 in August. On several of those occasions, the victim's brother -- who happens to be one of Amos' friends -- was sleeping in the same room.

On one occasion, the victim was sleeping in a bed with her brother. Amos was sleeping in the same room, but on the floor.

In the middle of the night, Amos grabbed the girl's arm and told her to come onto the floor with him. She declined, at first, but Amos kept tugging on her arm, the girl later told police.

Finally, the girl gave in, and had sex with Amos on the floor -- as her brother slept in the same room.

According to the girl, she and Amos had sex on three separate occasions while her brother was sleeping in the same room.

The victim thinks she got pregnant in December -- the last time she had her period.

The girl told police she and Amos had sex after she had her period in December. When her monthly visitor failed arrive in January, she says she got nervous.

The girl called Amos and told him she thought there was a chance she was pregnant. He told her not to worry.

About a week later, the girl still hadn't been paid a visit by old aunt flow, so she told her sister she thought she was pregnant and needed a pregnancy test.

The girl's sister got her a pregnancy test, and sure enough she was knocked up.

The girl told Amos, who was terrified the girl's father would find out. However, he promised to help her with the pregnancy.

Amos was arrested yesterday. He admitted to having sex with the girl on multiple occasions, and that he knew she was only 17.

Amos claims the sex was always consensual. The girl, however, says a few of the trysts were not consensual.

Because Amos couldn't wait a few months for the girl to turn 18, or have the sense to wear a condom, he was booked into jail on five counts of sexual conduct with a minor, and one count of sexual abuse.

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