Jay J. Armes' Son Claims Baby Gabriel Dad Trying to Make Him Look Like "Bad Guy"; Dispells Accusations of Being Media Hounds

The son of "world-renowned" investigator Jay J. Armes thinks that the father of missing baby Gabriel Johnson is trying to make Armes and his squad of "investigators" out to be the bad guys, after the honeymoon between the men came to an abrupt end last week.

Last week, Gabriel's father, Logan McQueary, had his lawyer ask Armes and "The Investigators" to back off the Baby Gabriel case because they felt his involvement was interfering with the case, despite Armes providing his services free of charge.

The next day, Armes ended his investigation.

Over the course of Armes' "investigation," critics -- New Times included -- questioned the motives of the super-sleuth's willingness to offer his services to McQueary for free.

There are thousands of kids missing in America, and it seemed that Armes picked this one to help because of the attention the case was getting in the media.

Armes has no connection to the baby, the parents, or the region, and it seemed Armes' desire to capture headlines superseded his interest in finding the baby.

Armes insisted all along that his only true interest was finding Gabriel Johnson, and he was not seeking any media attention.

That being the case, we asked his son, Jay J. Armes III, why his father would suspend the investigation if his motives to find the baby were so sincere.

After telling us how much he thinks we suck for humorously pointing out that his father is ironically armless and named Armes -- and then saying he looks like an evil villain from a James Bond movie -- the younger Armes answered our question.

"We stopped because we were asked to by Logan's new attorney. That simple," Armes III tells New Times. "We have always done everything Logan has asked of us, -- contrary to what he would now have the public believe."

Yeah, everything but the one thing he wanted you to do: find his missing kid.

Armes III says the only reason "The Investigators" got involved in the case in the first place was because a woman named Jodie Lee pleaded with him to take it on.

We had the, um, pleasure to speak with Lee yesterday, and it didn't take long to realize that she's a little odd (she ranted and raved about comments made by "imposters" on one of our blog posts).

Have a look at the Jodie Lee comment war here.

Armes III says Lee -- who has absolutely no connection to Gabriel Johnson whatsoever -- is the reason "The Investigators" got involved, because for "whatever the reason, she is wholeheartedly concerned about the welfare of this missing child."

Now that he is no longer investigating the case, Armes III says McQueary is trying to villainize him to get a little love from the San Antonio Police Department, which is investigating the case.  

"Logan is moving to San Antonio. Now, because he has publicly humiliated the San Antonio Police Department, and the chief of police [there], he is trying to make amends and portray us as the bad guys," Armes tells New Times.

"To this day, Logan has never had the courtesy to simply say 'thank you.' Why would anyone in their right mind continue to work on this case, -- much less for free?"

Thanks for making our point for us, Mr. Armes. That "sincere" desire to find the baby seems to have taken a backseat to the absence of a thank you.

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