J.D. Hayworth Rewrites History Again in Latest Attempt to Criticize John McCain

Former Congressman J.D. Hayworth spoke at a campaign event in Marana last night and, as expected, he used the appearance to criticize his opponent in the GOP Senate primary, John McCain. As you may have also expected, he muffed it up.

Hayworth was discussing the federal healthcare bill that was signed into law earlier this year and questioned McCain's reluctance to co-sponsor a repeal of the law sponsored by South Carolina Senator Jim DeMint.

"Look at what the senator does, not what he says in sound bites for the media. Why hasn't he signed on as a co-sponsor to Senator Jim DeMint's bill to repeal ObamaCare? John McCain went to Washington to change it but Washington changed him," Hayworth said at the event.

If Hayworth wants to keep discussing things like World War II history or John McCain's Congressional record, he may want to start doing some research because McCain is signed on to DeMin'ts bill and has been since April 20.

Click here to see the bill summary, compliments of the Library of Congress.

"Congressman Hayworth is clearly desperate to change the subject from his support for billions in wasteful Washington spending, even if it means outright lying to Arizona voters," says McCain campaign spokesman Brian Rogers.

We spoke to Hayworth's campaign spokesman, Mark Sanders, who says he was unfamiliar (well, duh) with Hayworth's comments last night and asked that we send him a copy.

We e-mailed him a copy of his own giuy's statement, but he never got back to us.

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