Jeff Flake Endorsed by John McCain and Jon Kyl; Wil Cardon's Still Stuck With Trent Franks

Republican U.S. Senators John McCain and Jon Kyl announced their endorsement of Congressman Jeff Flake for the Senate seat being vacated by Kyl.

That brings Flake's tally of endorsements from sitting Senators to five, in addition to Congressman Paul Ryan and Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal.

Flake's primary opponent, Wil Cardon, is still stuck with the endorsement of Congressman/anti-abortion fanatic Trent Franks.

Cardon's response to both of Arizona's Senators giving their stamps of approval to Flake -- they're scared of him.

"They do this out of fear," Cardon says. "They're afraid of candidates like me - conservative outsiders who represent real change, a new way of doing things, new commitment, new energy, new solutions."

They're probably more afraid of a Democrat taking the seat with Cardon as the nominee, although Cardon's yet to make it within 20 percentage points of Flake in any of the four polls conducted thus far.

Cardon's hot issue has been his anti-illegal immigration stances, although the Arizona Republic suggested he hasn't been doing such a great job living that one out in the private sector.

Flake's immigration stance(s) isn't pristine either, which has been the easiest way for Cardon to attack him.

If you want to read some of the Flake ass-kissing done by McCain and Kyl this morning, you can check that out below:

"It's been a tremendous honor serving Arizona in the United States Senate. It's important to me that my successor listen to the citizens of Arizona and work hard on their behalf," said Kyl. "My choice is Jeff Flake. Jeff is an honest, thoughtful conservative, and he's already proven that he is an effective reformer. Jeff will fight for what's right."

"It's not easy for one man to make a difference in Washington, but Jeff Flake has," said McCain. "Jeff stood up to congressional leaders in the House when they were spending too much. They tried to punish and silence him, but Jeff Flake persisted. Eventually, they came around to his way of thinking, and there are no more earmarks in Congress. Jeff can get the job done and will be another in a line of strong, principled leaders that Arizona has long been blessed to have in Congress. I know that Jeff Flake will continue to serve as a strong advocate for Arizona in the U.S. Senate."

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