Jennelle Long Curtis, Casa Grande Mom of Four, Embezzled $780,000 From Pinal County Federal Credit Union, Feds Allege

Jennelle Long Curtis, a Casa Grande mother of four young kids, embezzled $780,000 in a three-year-period from the Pinal County Federal Credit Union, court records say.

Curtis, whose 23-year-old husband was shot and killed at a truck stop in March, worked as an accounting assistant at the credit union from 2002 to February of 2012. Between July of 2008 and December of 2011, she cut numerous, huge checks from the credit union and deposited them in her account at a different credit union.

Records filed in federal court yesterday state that she is in the custody of the U.S. Marshal's Office. However, Curtis' Facebook posts seem to show that she's not currently behind bars.

Yesterday's court filing is an attempt by the government to hold on to about $200,000 of the allegedly embezzled money that had been deposited in a Wells Fargo account held by her parents, Howard and Janet Long. The Longs claim that the $200,000 is theirs to keep, and are fighting the government's seizure of the money.

Dwayne Cates, a Valley attorney for the Longs, tells New Times that a few years ago, Janet Long got into a bad car accident and had to quit her job. Her employer asked her to remove the $196,000 in her company 401K account and roll it into a different account. Jennelle Curtis told her mom she'd handle the transfer, and Janet Long turned over the money to her daughter, Cates says.

Cates says he's not sure what Curtis did with the money, but that the Longs believe they are entitled to get it back.

Jennelle Curtis' Facebook site states that she married Adam Curtis in December of 2011. In March, Adam Curtis was shot and killed at the Love's Truck Stop on Sunland Gin Road.

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