Jennifer Wright, Phoenix's "Only True Tea Party Candidate," Enters Mayoral Race

Add another name to the list of Phoenix politicos who want to run the town: Jennifer Wright.

Wright, a Phoenix attorney and longtime member of the Tea Party, joins Lobbyists Wes Gullett, Councilman Claude Mattox, Libertarian Thane Eichenauer, and former Phoenix City Council members Peggy Neely and Greg Stanton.

Wright plans to make her official announcement on Wednesday, May 11 during an Original North Phoenix Tea Party meeting at the Elks Club Lodge near 32nd Street and Greenway Road.

Wright filed paperwork with the Phoenix City Clerk's Office on Friday to get her campaign under way. And she hasn't wasted any time -- launching a Facebook page (Wright 4 Mayor), a Twitter account (wright4mayor) and reserving a Web page (wright4mayor.com).

On her Facebook page, Wright describes herself as a "Native Phoenician, Economist, Lawyer, and Activist [who] seeks to take on the vested political interests and take back Phoenix."

The Original North Phoenix T-Party calls Wright "the only true Tea Party Candidate [who] has announced" and says it hopes every Tea Party in Phoenix backs her candidacy.

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