Jesse Perkins Got His Girlfriend A Bullet in The Forehead For Valentine's Day

Here's a Valentine's Day gift Jesse Perkins' girlfriend will never forget -- the bullet police say he shot into her forehead yesterday.

According to court documents obtained by New Times, Perkins, 21, was talking to his girlfriend at their Peoria home about "issues they were having," including how he was planning to turn himself in on an arrest warrant.

Perkins decided that was the time to start cleaning his gun, a process which apparently called for Perkins to get a bag of bullets out of his closet.

Sure enough, while sitting on the bed with the gun and his girlfriend about two feet in front of him, police say the .22-caliber handgun went off and the bullet hit the woman in the forehead.

Perkins told the cops he never remembered loading the gun or put the magazine in the gun -- he even actually claimed that it wasn't loaded -- and couldn't explain exactly why he'd pulled that bag of bullets out of his closet, according to the documents.

As part of his explanation as to how he just knew the gun wasn't loaded, police say Perkins told them that he'd shot the gun out the window of his friend's car somewhere near 67th Avenue and Indian School just the night before.

Maybe, Perkins explained to the cops, he pulled the trigger to release the slide and take the gun apart.

Meanwhile, his girlfriend was taken to the hospital with at least a fragment of the bullet still lodged in her brain.

At the time of the report, the woman was still alive but in critical condition at the hospital.

Perkins wasn't actually allowed to have the handgun -- which he'd bought from "some guy" at a motel for $30 -- seeing as he became a convicted felon after getting busted with marijuana.

Add in the fact that a warrant for his arrest was issued on January 4 for a felony theft charge, and "knowingly and recklessly" injuring his girlfriend by allegedly shooting her in the head, Perkins was hauled off to jail.

Perkins was charged with aggravated assault with serious physical injury, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, and misconduct involving weapons.

He's also a candidate for taking over the "Worst Valentine Ever" award from Blake Obadiah Adams, who allegedly shot and killed his girlfriend's cousin for no apparent reason after a round of PCP-smoking last Valentine's Day.

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Matthew Hendley
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