Jodi Arias Is on Twitter, @Jodiannarias

Here's something that's totally normal: You can follow America's favorite murder defendant on Twitter. Seriously.

There aren't too many tweets up there, but the story associating Arias with this account seems to check out.

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Fox 10 ran the story Wednesday night after finding out that a woman named Donavan Bering -- who was sitting with Arias' mother in court -- was the one running the account.

Arias phones her up and Bering posts to the Twitter page.

A spokeswoman for the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office acknowledged to Fox 10 that this is going on.

So, on the Twitter account, you can see that Arias denies having a boyfriend but also says she's not a lesbian.

She's also selling her art at jodiarias.com, which appears to be legitimate. Additionally, she bitches about prosecutor Juan Martinez and says not to buy mail she's sent people, because she'll write to you for free.

Check out Arias' apparent Twitter account here, and check out some selected tweets below:

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