Jodi Arias Trial: Prosecutor Juan Martinez's "Meltdown" With Murder Suspect; Plus, KY or Baby Oil?

The Jodi Arias trial took another turn for the nutty today with a "meltdown" by prosecutor Juan Martinez and, to some extent, the justice system.

Arias, who claims she shot, stabbed and nearly decapitated her ex-boyfriend in self-defense, said in her third day of being cross-examined that Martinez was making her "brain scrambled."

Even viewers who'd prefer to see her hang could sympathize.

Maybe, just maybe, long detour into the issue of Arias' problems with Martinez, and his problems with her, was all part of the diminutive, well-coiffed deputy Maricopa County Attorney's strategy

Probably not likely, but you can help be the judge: We've included a healthy portion of the off-topic, back-and-forth argument between Arias and Martin below for you to read.

Of course, any reporter would be remiss to omit all the talk of "jizz" in the courtroom today, and the several references to one of the great questions of mankind:

Is it better to use KY or baby oil for anal sex?

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