Feathered Bastard

Joe Arpaio, Pat Boone and Teabaggers Galore Hold BirtherFest September 22 at Celebrity Theatre

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Here's a news flash: Pat Boone is still alive.

I know, I thought he was dead, too. But there he is, proffered as one of the featured speakers at a big birther wing-ding scheduled for September 22 at the Celebrity Theatre in Phoenix.

The flier for the event promises that the 78 year-old Christian crooner will sing as well as speak. Wonder if he'll do any tunes from his 1997 album In a Metal Mood: No More Mr. Nice Guy. Always loved his cover of "Smoke on the Water."

Not sure who the old biddies will be swoonin' for more, Boone, or geriatric heartthrob Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who'll be presiding at the event as Birther-in-Chief.

According to a Facebook event page posted by wingnutty Cave Creek scribe Linda Bentley, the birther bash is being held to "Support Sheriff Joe in his call for a Congressional investigation [into President Obama's birth certificate]."

Apparently Joe didn't get the message that his birther shtick is not popular with the public.

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