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Joe Arpaio Recall: Give Joe the Pink Slip and Help Retire Him from Office

I've been thinking about sending Sheriff Joe Arpaio a note expressing my deep concern for his health, and suggesting that he resign before the MCSO ends up being Phoenix's version of Weekend at Bernie's, with Joe in the starring role.

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In order to drive home the point, I was considering inscribing my message on a banana peel and sending it through the post, but the folks at Respect Arizona have an even better idea:

Let's all send Joe a pink slip.

And no, not the one Ava used to wear on their anniversary. Loooong ago.

This pink slip will cost you $2, money that will be funneled into the effort to force a recall election by scoring the 335,317 valid signatures from qualified county electors by the May 30 deadline.

Send Joe Arpaio a pink slip. C'mon, you know you want to...

Actually, it's a pink postcard, and you can even write your own friendly message on it via Respect Arizona's website.

Like, "It couldn't happen to a nicer guy," "Next time, Joe, use the Hoveround," or, "Remember, don't leave the walker at home."

For those who feel a little sorry for our corrupt top constable due to his wounded wing, think of it this way: You'll be doing him and the county a favor. We all know 80 is too old to run the sheriff's office. Arpaio's recent slip and fall, and the length of his recovery, proves it.

Time for him to step aside, and if he won't do it voluntarily, the recall will put a shoe to the sheriff's fanny.

There are but 33 days left for the recall effort to score the necessary sigs. Thirty-three days is a world and more. Can it be done? Si, se puede. Will it be done? That remains to be seen. But as I've argued heretofore, we have no choice but to try.

Actually, I guess you could say we can choose to do nothing, and let the octogenarian autocrat stay put till 2016. But I really don't see that as an option.

So fire up those pink slips, people. Send as many as you can. Let the old codger know how many people want to help him stay in Fountain Hills where he belongs.

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