Joe Arpaio Says The President Should Thank Him Personally After Every Illegal Immigrant Roundup

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio took the stage today in an event hosted by the county's Republican Party, saying -- among other things -- that President Obama should thank him every time the sheriff's office goes on an illegal-immigrant roundup "employer sanctions operation."

Arpaio didn't exactly stick with a topic during his 13 minutes on stage, covering everything from the investigation into the president's birth certificate, when he'll resign (never), the Republican primary, and of course, why he should be thanked for nabbing illegal immigrants.

"The president should be thanking me every time we raid a place," Arpaio said. "We remove illegal aliens; that makes another opening for U.S. citizens.

"How come the president doesn't thank me for doing what I can for the economy?" Arpaio continued. "I never get any thanks from the White House -- that's okay, it doesn't bother me."

Of course, that's the same president who's under "investigation" by Arpaio and the "birther" gang.

Arpaio said he took on the "investigation" into Obama's eligibility to be president because he was "doing him a favor" by intending to clear his name.

He didn't say which way the conclusion to that "investigation" is going to go, as we'll all have to wait for the results show on March 1.

Arpaio reiterated that he takes his job as sheriff "very seriously," and said he's not headlining the birth-certificate results show just for some media attention.

"I don't have press conferences just to get my name on television," Arpaio said, as we chuckled. "When i have a press conference, I talk about something."

Arpaio also briefly touched on the Justice Department report calling out the MCSO for racial profiling, saying they're only interested in him "because I'm enforcing the laws."

"[It's] okay," he said. "You don't see me losing any hair."

As for Arpaio's resignation -- he says it won't be coming until he's at least 1,000,079 years old.

"I have a lot of, uh, organizations that, uh, want me to resign," Arpaio said. "Uh, that's not gonna happen in a million years."

Luckily, C-SPAN got Arpaio's speech on tape, which you can watch by clicking here.

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