Feathered Bastard

Joe Arpaio's Latest Lame Raid, Documented by Carlos Galindo

Galindo asks Joe why he always goes after the employees, instead of the employers

I'll concede that radio host Carlos Galindo is a controversial figure. The Latino activist community shuns him. And he's been blasted for being anti-Semitic, due to a blog posting he made in the past, where he reportedly regurgitated the common shibboleth that "the Jews" control money, politics and the media.

Galindo has denied being anti-Semitic, and has said that, for instance, he supports Israel's right to exist.

Despite all this, Galindo does some gallant work with his video camera. He was on the front lines documenting the anarchist-Nazi melee that ensued on November 13. And this latest video of him questioning Sheriff Joe Arpaio about the MCSO's recent raid on an El Mirage landscaping company is another excellent example of his efforts in dogging abuses to the Latino community.

Galindo confronts Joe with questions about why employers of undocumented aliens aren't targeted as well. Seventeen people were arrested in the raid, with eleven suspected of using fake ID to score a job, according to the MCSO.

So Arpaio collars the poor sods that want to work for a living, while their employer avoids scrutiny, as per usual.

I can't condone Galindo's blog postings regarding the Jewish people. But as someone who generally admires his activism, I'd advise him to renounce those remarks completely, apologize and try to move on. Otherwise, they will always pop up, even when he is actively opposing the Nazis, Sheriff Joe, Russell Pearce and all they stand for.

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