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John McCain Tiptoes Around Jan Brewer's "Drug Mules" Gaffe

Okay, maybe U.S. Senator John McCain didn't exactly say that Governor Jan Brewer's a blithering idiot whose lifetime educational achievement is a certification as a radiological technologist. But he at least admitted on Sunday's Meet the Press that Brewer had pulled another boner when host David Gregory asked him about Brewer's "drug mule" comments -- which were debunked by none other than Border Patrol union head T.J. Bonner.

Gregory: Do you agree with the governor of Arizona, who says that most people who come across the border illegally are actually drug mules?

McCain: No. I think that there's a large number, and I think she's right in that the drug cartels movement has dramatically increased and the violence. Twenty-three thousand people, Mexicans, have been killed in the past three years in Mexico.

Gregory: Do those kinds of comments make the debate harder, make it, you know, a hotter debate?

McCain: I think the governor of Arizona has done a good job in this whole debate. She -- I may not agree with one sentence that she uses, but she's standing up for Arizona. And I think that the people in my state deserve a better environment of security than the one they're getting from the federal government now...

Well, that's about as nice a spin as Brewer could hope for from McCain, whom she's backing in the Republican primary against J.D. Hayworth. McCain's turned hard right on immigration to help him defeat Hayworth, but even McCain's not willing to endorse Brewer's exaggerations and become a laughingstock himself.

If the Democrats were to put together a commercial of all of Brewer's gaffes, mispronunciations, and fumbles while she's been governor, they'd have a pretty devastating hit piece. Thing is, it'd probably require a half-hour or more of airtime, instead of the usual 30 seconds. But they could at least cherry-pick the best of the lot.

Of course, maybe Arizonans want a stupid governor. At least they can feel smart by comparison.

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