Kendra, of Hugh Hefner Arm-Candy Fame, Made a Sex Tape and her Co-Star Happens to Be a Cage Fighter From Arizona

Move over Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian, Pam Anderson, and the droves of other celebutards who thought the sex tapes they "privately" made with their one-time significant others would never see the light of day -- there's a new celebrity sex star on the rise and her "co-star" happens to be a local boy.

You may be familiar with Kendra Wilkinson, the one-time "girlfriend" of geriatric Playboy publisher Hugh Hefner.

Wilkinson was made famous for being hot as hell but dumber than a fucking rock her charm and charisma while living with Hef at the Playboy Mansion and starring in E!'s The Girls Next Door with Hef's other two bimbettes who were one-fourth his age.

Hef and his hoochies split a few years ago, and Wilkinson seemed to be settling down with her new husband, NFL nomad Hank Bassett -- with whom she now has a child.

But Kendra's new "mommy dearest" persona is taking a beating these days with news that she and an old flame made a sex tape, now being made public.

Kendra's old beaux and co-star, we learned today, happens to be a cage fighter from Lake Havasu named Justin Frye, and he's the one who sold the tape for 50 percent of slaes and a $100,000 bonus to Vivid Entertainment, the porn company that planning for its release.

Frye is described as "a thrill-seeker who can be seen riding motorcycles, snowboarding, and partying.

We tried to get hold of Frye this afternoon at a gym where we hear he trains but were told he wasn't there.

However, we tracked down a slideshow of Frye's "partying," which you can see after the jump. Be warned, though, Frye and his buddies make the Jersey Shore boys look classy.

Remember, ladies, if you have any plans of becoming a television star, and are compelled to make a sex tape with whatever loser boyfriend you're dating, there's a good chance you'll be able to replace the word "television" with "porn" sooner or later.

Check out some photos of the leaked sex tape here.

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