Kimberly Ali, Elementary School Teacher: "I Think I Fell in Love" (With a Student She Was Hooking Up With Behind a Grocery Store)

Sonoran Sky Elementary School teacher Kimberly Ali says she thought she "fell in love" with a girl.

Unfortunately for Ali, the girl's a 14-year-old who just finished eighth grade, so that's a problem.

Ali also has some other problems, like the several times she allegedly sexually abused the girl behind a grocery store.

According to court documents obtained by New Times, the principal of the Glendale school got word of Ali, 28, and the girl text-messaging with each other.

As police put it, detectives ended up finding out there were "hands on" incidents between the two.

The girl wasn't Ali's student, specifically, but they started to talk to each other through text massages, cellphone chats, Facebook, and e-mail. For the girl's graduation from eighth grade, Ali gave the girl some presents: a journal, a jewelry box, books, and a recording of her voice telling the girl that she loved her, according to the documents.

Then police found out Ali started driving the girl to a Fry's grocery store in Avondale, and started making "sexual contact" with the girl in her car beginning on July 16, the documents say.

According to court documents, this also happened on July 18, 19, 23, and 26.

Between that -- on July 25 -- Ali once took the girl to her house, where they "digitally penetrated" each other, the documents state.

On Monday, police set up a call between the two.

"Please remember no one knows anything and we need to keep it that way," Ali allegedly told the girl.

Ali also told the girl it would be "the nail in her coffin" if the girl's mother read any of their text messages, and reminded the girl several times throughout the call that she "loved her," according to the documents.

Police picked up Ali yesterday, and the cops say she admitted to texting, sexting, and abusing the girl over the two-week span, although Ali said she didn't plan on that happening, the documents say.

"I think I fell in love with her and I just stopped thinking about her age," Ali allegedly told police. "I know it was a mistake."

Ali faces nine counts of sexual conduct with a minor, and five counts of sexual abuse.

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