Letters From the Issue of Thursday, March 23, 2006

Wool Power

Just give him time: Jeez, way to go in turning the story of that Mesa fire chief guy and the lamb into a justified slam on Sheriff Joe Arpaio ("Baa-aaaaad News," The Bird, Robrt L. Pela, March 16)! The foul fowl is such a funny writer!

Even though I laughed my ass off at the turns of phrase, it's really galling that Sheriff Joke would testify in the jail death lawsuit you wrote about in the same issue ("Death Sentence," John Dougherty) and then hold a press conference the same week calling for an end to intercourse with animals.

This was the ultimate sheepshit attempt to get on TV by the sheriff. And it worked! Doesn't the guy have any scruples? I guess he figured only New Times would bring up the insanity of his actions, if anybody, because the rest of the media are such butt-lickers.

The only thing that would've made a better story for you is if Arpaio had been the one discovered with his pants down behind a sheep, instead of that poor, pathetic-looking guy pictured on the link you provided with The Bird (

Because a scandal like that is the only way we could get rid of Arpaio. No amount of writing stories like Dougherty's on guys who wind up dead because of the malfeasance of jail personnel is going to convince the conservative voting public around here that Joe should go.

It's sad but true. Nevertheless, hope springs eternal. Keep up the good work.
Lonnie Hackman, via the Internet

Homeland Insecurity

Balls "R" Us: Oh, man, I'll bet you're going to get verbally tarred and feathered for what The Bird said in "Howl of Sanity" (Robrt L. Pela, March 9)! Ha, maybe only tarred!

Not that the feathered fiend isn't right on the money.

And money is what all this is about; it's so true that Phoenix and Tucson would go under without cheap Mexican labor. Lots of other places in the Southwest (including California), too. How many of us Americans really want to do the scuzzy jobs that Mexican immigrants do? I'd bet that fast-food franchises and construction sites would be crying for workers if they couldn't rely on illegal aliens.

Why the idiots in this state can't understand that is beyond me, except that they are a bunch of racist fools.

To be sure, you're going to get a lot more complaints about your Bird story on Kyrsten Sinema than you are about publishing those Muhammad cartoons ("The Chosen One," Joe Watson, March 2). In both cases, I've got to admire your big brass balls!
E.S. Griffin, Phoenix

Opportunistic knocks: The Bird wrote that "while local politicians wrangle over how and why to secure the Arizona-Mexico border, someone's keeping an eye on the 'opportunistic' bums who've taken policing the border into their own hands."

Opportunistic? Bums? Is that what you call people who volunteer their time to be the eyes and ears of the United States Border Patrol?

State Representative Kyrsten Sinema needs to read some history. She is a silly woman who has no place in our Legislature. Her primary responsibility (by law) is to protect the rights (not wants) of individuals.
Mark Yannone, Phoenix

Smell the coffee: Oh, my God, it's about time someone opened his mouth about the problems on the border! I think it's a great idea to fine assholes like the Minutemen.

Your idea to sentence the Minutemen to walk from the border to Phoenix in July wasn't bad either.

How can we Americans hold it against anyone who wants to make a better life for themselves and their families? Didn't we fight the English for our freedom; haven't we stood up against people who try to knock our asses in the dirt?

I mean get a grip and let's face it; if it weren't for Mexicans, where would we be? Who do you think helped build this country? Not just them, but all manner of races and nationalities.
Name withheld by request

No, really, smell it: Take your head out of your ass! Do you even live in the area, and if you do, do you ever leave your house?

I guess people crossing the border constitutes no problem if you aren't the one dealing with the problems these people bring with them.

If you have to ask, "What problems?" then you shouldn't be writing articles and spewing your opinion. Go rent/buy a house 50 miles from the border and see how long your Honda Civic lasts in the carport.

Americans living in the border towns are being terrorized. It's easy to look the other way when you are so distant from the real problem.

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