Life Path Unlimited: Like Scammy Liberty League, Carefree Biz Makes Hard-to-Believe Claims

In surfing around the Internet for our recent posts on Scottsdale's Liberty League International, we came upon a remarkably similar outfit -- also in Arizona -- called Life Path Unlimited. Life Path gives a "mailing address" of 37555 North Hum Road in Carefree.

Our two cents: It's another ripoff. Like Liberty League, Life Path Unlimited seems to hinge on getting you to buy motivational CDs and seats at conferences, all to teach you how to get people to buy the same thing. And so on.

Sure, you may get to walk on hot coals and listen to interesting motivational speakers, but you'll pay too much the privilege. Why? Because of the very thing they want to teach you. They want you to become, like them, excellent at verbally manipulating suckers with cold cash.

Just look at some of the too-good-to-be-true claims of their proponents, like Jenn Lawlor in Washington:

In my first week with LifePath Unlimited, I was able to earn multiple thousands of dollars in commissions...


The most significant benefit of this compensation plan is that it provides a true "EXIT STRATEGY". This allows individuals to build a business that will allow them to retire in less than two years with a significant passive residual income.

Jenn forgot to mention a typical disclaimer: Results may vary. [We'd bet they vary a whole lot].

Life Path's own Web site claims that if someone follows their steps and makes the right sales, they'll make $423,000 within two years. But, like Liberty League, achieving this relies on bringing others into the fold who will make some sales that benefit you, not them. As their compensation plan primer shows, (below), Life Path salespeople at certain levels must pass sales up to their "sponsors." Seems like a type of pyramid scheme.

[Images from Life Path Unlimited's Web site]

Oh, and that fire-walking trick? You don't need the proper "mindset" to do it. It's all physics.

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