Local Alt-Right Troll Baked Alaska Had a Bad Week

Local alt-right troll Baked Alaska was detained by Flagstaff police this week.
Local alt-right troll Baked Alaska was detained by Flagstaff police this week. Twitter screenshot
It may not be the worst week Baked Alaska, real name Tim Gionet, has had. That might have been when he was pepper-sprayed while marching with white supremacists at Charlottesville and begged the people around him to keep streaming while he kneeled on ground, milk dripping down his face.

But this week he certainly picked up a few Ls.

First, he was banned from YouTube. Then, a video of him being detained by Flagstaff police after harassing workers at an outdoor goods store went viral.

These were only the latest rungs he's bounced down in his fall into self-debasement and bigotry. For the luckily unfamiliar, Gionet is a former BuzzFeed staffer who took a hard right turn, embraced the alt-right, started hanging out with Nazis, got banned from most social media platforms for harassment and hate speech, tried to recant his position when he realized it was bad for business and has since doubled-down after nobody believed his change of heart.

In some of his worst moments he's tweeted about sending Jewish people to gas chambers, hung out with neo-Nazi blogger Andrew Anglin, chanted the white supremacist slogan "You will not replace us!" at the Charlottesville torchlight rally, and joked about groping a 13 year old.

Last year he moved to Phoenix, and recent weeks found him prowling Mill Avenue in Tempe at night, doing what he calls an "IRL stream." Similar to a gaming stream, it's a live video where viewers are in a chat constantly streaming in front of the person running the stream and can pay to have his phone read out a custom message, but in this case, the video game character is Gionet himself, bugging drunk college students and following the whims of his toxic viewers.
click to enlarge Have you seen this man on Mill Avenue? - YOUTUBE
Have you seen this man on Mill Avenue?

In a turn of events that's uncomfortable to watch, he seems to have begun a romantic relationship with a woman he met on the stream, all while his racist and antisemitic viewers egg him on and speculate about her character.

While in the past, Gionet has streamed obscurely due to his ever-mounting pile of bans from social media platforms, last month he began streaming on YouTube and racking up thousands of viewers. Interestingly, he claimed that he had switched to YouTube because it didn't require him to filter what his racist and sexist fans were paying to have his phone say out loud, unlike his past streaming site.

That all came to an end this week when YouTube banned Gionet. It's unclear what the final straw was. But a clip went viral of him screaming abuse at a convenience store worker who asked him to put on a mask. Shared on Twitter by video editor Vic Berger IV, it sparked condemnation of YouTube for allowing Gionet to profit from its service. It could also have been when, later in the video, Alaska's friends apparently clipped a guy with a car.

The ban has removed one of Gionet's few remaining ways to gain new followers as he tries to claw a living out of his noxious, spiraling grift. To add insult to injury, a video of him immediately giving up his harassment of employees at a Flagstaff store who asked him to wear a mask after a police officer arrives and detains him has  also gone viral.

A Flagstaff police spokesperson said that Gionet was not ultimately arrested, but has been permanently banned from the store. Nonetheless, the video has racked up thousands of view and been shared by TMZ and a Russian state-backed media channel.
Gionet did not respond to an Instagram message seeking comment on his future plans. In an email for a past story, he told New Times: "Go ahead and publish publicly known false statements about Baked and see how far up the ass you’ll get taken in court. No one reads this shitrag of a newspaper anyway, the biggest excitement you have all year is a Baked Alaska hit piece you brain dead morons. Keep sucking commie cock." He didn't follow through on his threats after the article was published.

If you're out on Mill Avenue and you're approached by a knock-off Tiger King lookalike, that could be Gionet. If he makes you the star of one of his videos, ask him if his mom still pays his bills.
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Erasmus Baxter was a staff writer for Phoenix New Times.