Police say Dominic Chagolla murdered his own mother.
Police say Dominic Chagolla murdered his own mother.

Maria Chagolla Death: Son Arrested for Murder

Two days after her body was found dead in her SUV in Glendale, the son of Maria Chagolla has been arrested for her murder.

Dominic Anthony Chagolla, 32, was arrested yesterday after police say they found evidence that linked him to the murder.

Maria Chagolla was reported missing by her family last Wednesday after she reportedly dropped off her son about 9 a.m. last Wednesday in the area of 8700 West Butler Drive in Peoria. She never made it home and hadn't been heard from since.

Chagolla cares for a 7-year-old girl and her family told police they were concerned because it was very out of the ordinary for her to just vanish.

Residents in a neighborhood near 83rd and Glendale avenues called the Glendale Police Department Sunday night to report a suspicious vehicle in the neighborhood. Police checked it out, and it was the same vehicle Chagolla was last seen driving the day she disappeared. Inside was Chagolla's dead body.

Her body was found two miles from where she was last seen alive.

It's unclear at the moment why Dominic Chagolla would murder his own mother, or how he killed her. Cops say they aren't looking for any other suspects in the murder.

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