MCSO Detention Officers Accused of Assaulting Inmates

Two Maricopa County sheriff's deputies were arrested today for allegedly assaulting two jail inmates.

The deputies each have been charged with aggravated assault.

Details of the alleged assaults have not been released yet, and the two deputies have not been identified.

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio has scheduled a press conference this afternoon regarding  the assaults, where he will reportedly show a video of the officers assaulting the inmates.

This is in stark contrast to past incidents of MCSO detention-officer midconduct, after which jail videos seem to be pointed in the wrong direction, or just disappear. Wonder if Arpaio's getting nervous (read: wants to appear on the up-and-up) with that federal investigation under way into his and his department's bad behavior? 

Check back to Valley Fever later today for details.


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