By order of the almighty Gannett and its faithful servant John Zidich, journalism as you know it will now cease to exist!

Meet the Arizona Republic's Orwellian Information Center

Below is the makeup of the Arizona Republic's new Information Center, the Orwellian Gannett construct which merges the newsroom with online, makes redundant a print paper, and reduces all worker bees into bland nonentities. I've been trying to reach Rep. publisher John Zidich regarding other matters for the past several days at his office number, his e-mail and his listed home phone number in Scottsdale, but so far he has yet to get back to me. So I cannot verify that this info. is 100% correct. On the other hand, all the names certainly seem to be in the right places, and much of this info. is echoed in various spots on the Rep.'s Web site. As you can see Jon Talton's name is nowhere to be found, and Richard Ruelas has been busted down to the "Lifestyle Team" as "People/profiles reporter." (Ouch!) Despite Ruelas's positive spin on the subject in my Thursday blog post, the move certainly reads like a demotion.

Gannett, Zidich and their cadres are doing more to wreck Phoenix's paper of record than any trends regarding the future of the Fourth Estate. On the one hand, I suppose I shouldn't care, because I work for a competitor, and what's bad for them is good for me, hypothetically. However, it's demoralizing to watch what little quality's left in the Rep. be given the boot.


Ward Bushee -- Vice President/News & Editor Randy Lovely -- Executive Editor Nicole Carroll -- Managing Editor / Features & Innovation John Leach -- Managing Editor / News & Digital Media

Michael Roberts -- Senior Director / Training and Staff Development Mark Hiland -- Director / Training and Staff Development

Brian Berlinski -- Financial Analyst Kim Meader -- Administrative Assistant Barbara VanDenburgh -- Administrative Assistant Teclo Garcia -- Editor on Special Assignment


Keira Nothaft -- Director

National/International Issues Team Kristen DelGuzzi -- Content Manager Open -- Washington reporter Mike Madden -- Washington (GNS) reporter Dan Nowicki -- McCain/politics reporter Daniel Gonzalez -- Immigration reporter Sean Holstege -- Border/Homeland Security reporter Chris Hawley -- Mexico City reporter

Western Issues Team Kristina Justin -- Content Manager Catherine Reagor -- Real Estate/Growth reporter Glen Creno -- Real Estate/residential reporter Shaun McKinnon -- Water management reporter Corinne Purtill -- Environment reporter Angela Pancrazio -- Boomer issues and G.A. reporter

State Issues Team David Fritze -- Content Manager Pat Kossan -- K-12 education reporter Anne Ryman -- Higher education reporter Robert Anglen -- F.O.I/G.A. Reporter Dennis Wagner -- State G.A./Investigative and storytelling reporter Open -- Transportation reporter

Page One Team Josh Susong -- Platform Manager Chris Fiscus -- Platform Manager Andrew Long -- Graphic artist Eric Dick -- Copy editor


Jeff Dozbaba -- Director

Valley & State Team John D'Anna -- Content Manager Julie Morris -- Night Content Manager Karen Kurtz -- Weekend Content Manager Lori Baker -- Education Content Coordinator

Capitol Team Tom Spratt -- Content Manager Matt Benson -- Governor's office reporter Mary Jo Pitzl -- Legislature reporter Amanda Crawford -- State agencies reporter Yvonne Wingett -- County (Sun-Thu) reporter Rotating Capitol reporter

Phoenix Team Maureen West -- Content Manager Elvia Diaz -- Assistant Content Coordinator Greg Hilliard -- Print Platform Coordinator Victor Barajas -- Online Platform Coordinator Jahna Berry -- Downtown Phoenix-airport reporter Casey Newton -- Phoenix city hall reporter Michael Clancy -- Phoenix neighborhoods reporter Connie Sexton -- Phoenix neighborhoods reporter Linda Helser -- Phoenix neighborhoods (PT) reporter Sadie Jo Smokey -- Phoenix mobile reporter Betty Reid -- Phoenix schools reporter Open -- Information Specialist

Mesa Team Dan Shearer -- Content Manager Dave Niebergall -- Print Platform Manager Jacki Shoyeb -- Online Platform Coordinator Gary Nelson -- Mesa city hall reporter Art Thomason -- East Mesa neighborhoods reporter Jim Walsh -- West Mesa neighborhoods reporter JJ Hensley -- Mesa mobile reporter Josh Kelley -- Mesa schools reporter Senta Scarborough -- Mesa public safety reporter Jeremy Cluff -- Information specialist

Tempe Team Alia Rau -- Content Manager Jim Wambold -- Print Platform Coordinator Jacki Shoyeb -- Online Platform Coordinator Katie Nelson -- Tempe city hall reporter William Hermann -- ASU/South Scottsdale mobile reporter Eugene Scott -- Tempe public safety reporter Betty Beard -- Southeast Valley regional business reporter Open -- Information Specialist -- News By You (East Valley and Scottsdale)

Chandler Team Mike Stephens -- Content Manager Jim Wambold -- Print Platform Coordinator Jacki Shoyeb -- Online Platform Coordinator Edythe Jensen -- Chandler city hall reporter Sarah Muench -- Chandler mobile reporter Open -- Chandler public safety reporter Ray Parker -- Chandler schools reporter Luci Scott -- Chandler/Tempe/Ahwatukee business reporter Kerry Fehr-Snyder -- Southeast Valley regional transportation (Sun-Thu) reporter

Ahwatukee Team Cathy Creno -- Content Manager Jim Wambold -- Print Platform Coordinator Jacki Shoyeb -- Online Platform Coordinator Colleen Sparks -- Ahwatukee neighborhoods reporter Weldon Johnson -- Ahwatukee mobile reporter Open -- Ahwatukee schools reporter

Gilbert Team Jim Fickess -- Content Manager Jim Thomas -- Print Platform Coordinator Jeff Carr -- Online Platform Coordinator Mike Walbert -- Gilbert city hall reporter Lars Jacoby -- Gilbert mobile reporter Dianna Nanez -- Gilbert neighborhoods reporter Doug Carroll -- Gilbert schools reporter David van den Berg -- Gilbert business reporter Lynh Bui -- Queen Creek/San Tan monthly reporter (Tue-Sat) Stephanie Eib -- Information specialist

Scottsdale Team Jim Gold -- Content Manager Steve Yozwiak -- Assistant Content Manager Dale Hajek -- Print Platform Coordinator Victor Barajas -- Online Platform Coordinator Leslie Wright -- Scottsdale city hall reporter Diana Balazs -- Northeast Valley regional cities reporter Dolores Tropiano -- Northeast Valley regional cities (Tue-Sat) reporter Michael Ferraresi -- Scottsdale mobile reporter Jane Larson -- Scottsdale transportation reporter Carol Sowers -- Scottsdale public safety reporter Peter Corbett -- Scottsdale tourism reporter Ofelia Madrid -- Scottsdale schools reporter Angelique Soenarie -- Northeast Valley tribal economic development reporter Kate Nolan -- Northeast Valley regional health reporter Deb Bingham -- Information specialist

Southwest Valley Team Venita James -- General Manager and Editor Debora Britz -- Content Manager Dennis Godfrey -- Print Platform Coordinator Sky Schaudt -- Online Platform Coordinator Kelly Carr -- Buckeye city hall reporter David Madrid -- Avondale city hall reporter Jessica Coomes -- Goodyear city hall reporter Annemarie Moody -- Southwest Valley mobile reporter Elias Arnold -- Southwest Valley public safety (Sun-Thu) reporter Open -- Southwest Valley schools reporter Brenda Windahl -- Information specialist

Glendale Team Venita James -- General Manager and Editor Vinton Supplee -- Content Manager Eddie Diaz -- Print Platform Coordinator Sky Schaudt -- Online Plaftform Coordinator Carrie Watters -- Glendale city hall reporter Maura Halpern -- Glendale mobile reporter Eugene Mulero -- Glendale schools reporter Scott Wong -- Northwest Valley regional business reporter Brent Whiting -- Northwest Valley public safety reporter Marilyn Reid -- Information specialist

Surprise Team Venita James -- General Manager and Editor Pat Flannery -- Content Manager Eddie Diaz -- Print Platform Coordinator Sky Schaudt -- Online Plaftform Coordinator Tony Lombardo -- Surprise city hall reporter SherryAnne Rubiano -- Surprise mobile reporter Open -- Surprise schools reporter Erin Zlomek -- Surprise business reporter Open -- Information specialist -- News By You (Phoenix and West Valley)

Peoria Team Venita James -- General Manager and Editor Mel Melendez -- Content Manager Eddie Diaz -- Print Platform Coordinator Sky Schaudt -- Online Plaftform Coordinator Cecelia Chan -- Peoria city hall reporter Laura Houston -- Peoria mobile reporter Meghan Moravcik -- Peoria schools reporter Charles Kelly -- Peoria business reporter


Abe Kwok -- Director

Action Team Kristin Go -- Content Manager John Faherty -- Story of the day reporter Judi Villa -- Story of the day/justice issues reporter Bob Golfen -- Story of the day/commuting reporter Michael Kiefer -- Story of the day/courts reporter Lindsey Collom -- Story of the day/public safety (Tue-Sat) reporter

News Online Team Lisa De Forest -- News Online Manager Laurie Merrill -- Producer (PT) Ralph Zubiate -- Producer

ASU Multimedia Program Aric Johnson -- Content Manager


Kathy Tulumello -- Director

Robin Phillips -- 25-39 Online Manager Hal Mattern -- Online / Biz Buzz reporter Marcia Gaysue -- Information specialist -- News by You

Economy Team Tina May -- Content Manager Ken Alltucker -- Biotech / health reporter Mark Shaffer -- Energy / telecom reporter Max Jarman -- Major companies reporter Chad Graham -- Economy reporter Jodie Snyder -- Government business / immigration reporter

Consumer Team Ginger Richardson -- Content Manager Dawn Gilbertson -- Airlines / US Airways reporter Open -- Retail / commercial RE reporter Stephanie Paterik -- Tourism / gaming reporter Russ Wiles -- Investing / personal finance reporter Andrew Johnson -- Entrepreneurs reporter

Magazine Team Christina Leonard -- Content Manager David Proffitt -- Platform Coordinator John McLean -- Information specialist


Mark Faller -- Director

Dan Bickley -- columnist Paola Boivin -- columnist Bob Young -- Heat Index columnist

Pros Team Jay Dieffenbach -- Content Manager Royce Martin -- Online Platform Coordinator Nick Piecoro -- Diamondbacks reporter Paul Coro -- Suns reporter Kent Somers -- Cardinals reporter Jim Gintonio -- Coyotes reporter Joe Reaves -- Baseball reporter

Colleges/Events Team Dave Lumia -- Content Manager John Davis -- Golf reporter Jeff Metcalfe -- ASU football reporter Norm Frauenheim -- ASU basketball reporter Doug Haller -- Major events reporter Bob McManaman --Major events/GA reporter Open -- Information Specialist -- News By You

Preps Team Tom Blodgett -- Content Manager Dave Vest -- Print Platform Coordinator Cameron Eickmeyer -- Online Platform Coordinator Don Ketchum -- Phoenix preps reporter Mark Armijo -- Phoenix/Scottsdale preps reporter Richard Obert -- Scottsdale preps reporter Tim Tyers -- East Valley preps reporter Odeen Domingo -- East Valley preps reporter Jose Garcia -- West Valley preps reporter Jason Skoda -- West Valley preps reporter Ralph Chiappetta -- Information specialist Katie Hallen -- Information specialist Nino Gonzales -- Scoretaker Kimberly Dedes -- Scoretaker (PT) Karissa Ramirez -- Scoretaker (PT) Jeff Wendt -- Scoretaker (PT) Harv Jaffe -- Scoretaker (PT) Open -- Scoretaker (PT) Open -- Scoretaker (PT)

25-39 Team Todd Kelly -- Online Platform Coordinator Randy Brickley -- Online producer Aldei Gregoire -- Weekend/night online producer Daniel Conroy -- Weekend/night online producer

Copy Desk Team Jim Bohannon -- Print Platform Manager Paul Barrett -- copy editor Chris Van Der Beek -- copy editor Larry Crowley -- copy editor Justin Silverstein -- copy editor Tyler Williams -- copy editor Jack Legg -- copy editor Jean Sarmiento -- copy editor Rickey Kishbaugh -- Information specialist -- Agate Scott Henry -- Information specialist -- Agate (PT) Open -- Information specialist -- Agate (PT)


Director -- Nicole Carroll (managing editor)

25-39 Team Stacy Sullivan -- Platform Manager Ashley Farmer -- Entertainment Home Page Coordinator Dawn DeChristina -- Producer Rose Tring -- Producer -- News By You (PT) Open -- Producer (PT) Amanda Anderson -- Information specialist -- News By You Kevin Murphy -- Music Coordinator Larry Rodgers -- Music reporter Yvette Armendariz -- Kids Coordinator Karina Bland -- Busy Mom reporter

Style Team Laura Trujillo -- Platform Manager Kelly Ettenborough -- Style/Home Print Platform Manager Carrie Wheeler -- Style/Home Online Platform Coordinator Linda Vachata -- Style/Home Content Coordinator Ginger Murphy -- Fashion reporter Erica Sagon -- Fashion reporter Megan Finnerty -- Fashion reporter Sue Doerfler -- Home reporter Jaimee Rose -- Home reporter Mignon Gould -- Information specialist Jennifer Johnson -- Dining Content Manager Karen Fernau -- Food reporter Howard Seftel -- Dining columnist Mary Beth Faller -- Dining/home reporter (PT) Cindy Miller -- AZ Society/Arrowhead Magazine Coordinator Michelle Jacoby -- AZ Magazine Coordinator

Lifestyle Team Marian Frank -- Platform Manager Scott Craven -- Lifestyle manager/reporter Connie Midey -- Health/fitness reporter Susan Felt -- Boomer/lifestyle reporter Sonja Haller -- Simple AZ Living reporter Lisa Nicita -- Story of the day/buzz reporter Richard Ruelas -- People/profiles reporter Jill Cassidy -- Travel Content Manager John Stanley -- Travel/outdoors reporter

Events Team Tamera Thornton -- Platform Manager Bill Goodykoontz -- Culture/Arts manager/reporter Bill Muller -- Movie columnist Randy Cordova -- Pop culture/TV reporter Richard Nilsen -- Symphony/visual arts reporter Kyle Lawson -- Theater reporter Kerry Lengel -- 25-39 Arts and Entertainment reporter Zada Blayton -- Events Content Manager Kathy Murillo -- Phoenix events reporter Barbara Yost -- Scottsdale events reporter Michael Senft -- West Valley events reporter Geri Koeppel -- East Valley events reporter Srianthi Perera -- East Valley events reporter Bobby Boos -- Culture/arts producer Suzanne Lambert -- Events producer

Copy Desk Hank Hughes -- Content Manager Sylvia Cody -- Copy editor Martin Dolan -- Copy editor Marcia Hammond -- Copy editor Stuart Jenkins -- Copy editor Gary Olmstead -- Copy editor Phil Hennessy -- Copy editor Mike Smith -- Copy editor Penny Walker -- Copy editor

Features Design Team Tricia Reinhold -- Features Design Manager Celine Hacche -- Photo/Video Coordinator Elizabeth Thompkins -- Photo/Video Coordinator Elaine Gonzales -- Photo/Video Coordinator Jessica Dell -- Information specialist -- Photo/Video Wes Johnson -- Photographer/videographer Mark Lipczynski -- Photographer/videographer Jill Richards -- Photographer/videographer Scott Trimble -- Photographer/videographer Open -- Arizona Woman art director David Imes-- AZ Society art director Paula Gunter -- Arrowhead art director Patti Valdez -- BizAZ/Yes Style art director Pamela Norman -- AZ Magazine art director Ron Dungan -- Designer/artist Amy Grimes -- Designer/artist Andrea Heser -- Designer/artist JoAnne Izumi -- Designer/artist Craig Kurtz -- Designer/artist Francine Loinaz -- Designer/artist Kee Rash -- Designer/artist Claudia Saavedra -- Designer/artist (3 shifts) Audrey Tate -- Designer/artist Open -- Designer/artist


Ken Western -- Director

Phil Boas -- Editorial Page Editor Jennifer Dokes -- Assistant Editorial Page Editor/Daily Richard de Uriarte -- Assistant Editorial Page Editor/Phoenix Bob Schuster -- Assistant Editorial Page Editor/East Valley Robert Leger -- Assistant Editorial Page Editor/Scottsdale Joel Nilsson -- Assistant Editorial Page Editor/West Valley Linda Valdez -- Editorial writer Kathleen Ingley -- Editorial writer Doug MacEachern -- Editorial writer Joanna Allhands -- Editorial writer Cindy Hernandez -- Editorial writer Monica Alonzo-Dunsmoor -- Editorial writer Robert Robb -- Editorial columnist Steve Benson -- Cartoonist Joe Garcia -- Community Conversation Manager Ed Perkins -- Online Platform Coordinator Ed Montini -- General Interest columnist Clay Thompson -- General Interest columnist Laurie Roberts -- General Interest columnist Penny Nichols -- Information specialist -- downtown Kymberly Levesque -- Information specialist -- community Katie DeBenedetto -- Information specialist -- community


Tracy Collins -- Director

Night Copy Desk Team Chad Snow -- Content Manager Jodie Lau -- Assistant Content Coordinator Melissa Galbraith -- Assistant Content Coordinator Al Williams -- Copy editor Hugh Cox -- Copy editor Tom Nichols -- Copy editor Dan Kincaid -- Copy editor Leah Trinidad -- Copy editor Jean Novotny -- Copy editor Kelly Walton -- Copy editor Mary Williams -- Copy editor Caryn Jenkins -- Copy editor (PT) Richard Casey -- Copy editor Stewart Smith -- Copy editor Jill Schehovic -- Copy editor Alexis Doyle -- Copy editor Lily Yan -- Copy editor Ashley Macha -- Information specialist (PT) Open -- Information specialist (PT)

Community Copy Desk Team Dave Neibergall -- Content Manager Lee Shappell -- Assistant Content Coordinator Tom Journey -- Copy editor Greg Beihl -- Copy editor Dan Pie -- Copy editor Pat Underwood -- Copy editor Ron Rinehart -- Copy editor Gail Baker -- Copy editor Bob Crawford -- Copy editor (PT) Ron Porter -- Copy editor Jerry McElfresh -- Copy editor (PT) Bud Vandersnick -- Copy editor Jay Watrous -- Copy editor

News Design Team Bill Pliske -- News Design Manager Keri Hegre -- A section designer/artist Chris George -- A section designer/artist Benjamin Hegre -- A section designer/artist Amy Hartman -- Valley & State section designer/artist Rick Konopka -- Valley & State section designer/artist PJ Erickson -- Valley & State section designer/artist Dan Kempton -- Valley & State section designer/artist Ayrel Clark -- Business/Viewpoints section designer/artist Claudia Saavedra -- Business/Viewpoints section designer/artist (2 shifts) Tony Bustos -- Business/Viewpoints section designer/artist Luke Knox -- Sports section designer/artist Diane Pettiti -- Sports section designer/artist Joey Kirk -- Sports section designer/artist Mark Waters -- Sports section designer/artist

Community Design Team Jason Kieffer -- Platform Manager Chuck Henrikson -- Community designer/artist John Hutchinson -- Community designer/artist Paige Crutchmer -- Community designer/artist Danny Garcia -- Community designer/artist Terry Beahm -- Community designer/artist Terry Cornelius -- Community designer/artist Melissa Gates -- Community designer/artist Jason Owsley -- Community designer/artist Vic Vogel -- Community designer/artist Diana Payan -- Community designer/artist Jeanne Hernandez -- Community designer/artist Carlos Espinosa -- Community designer/artist (PT) Preetha Mehandran -- Community designer/artist (PT)

Photo Team Mike Meister -- Content Manager Carlos Chavez -- Assistant Content Manager Emmanuel Lozano -- Assistant Content Manager Jim Carreno -- Video producer Dave Seibert -- Video producer Brian Kotwasinski -- Video producer Randy Reid -- Phoenix photo coordinator Charlie Light -- Phoenix photographer/videographer Suzanne Starr -- Phoenix photographer/videographer Mike Ging -- West Valley photo coordinator John Severson -- West Valley photographer/videographer Michael Schennum -- West Valley photographer/videographer Mike Rynearson -- Scottsdale photo coordinator Tom Tingle -- Scottsdale photographer/videographer Russell Gates -- East Valley photo coordinator Sherri Buzby -- East Valley photographer/videographer (PT) Nick Oza -- East Valley photographer/videographer David Wallace -- East Valley photographer/videographer Michael Chow -- Photographer/videographer David Kadlubowski -- Photographer/videographer Pat Shannahan -- Photographer/videographer Cheryl Evans -- Photographer/videographer (PT) Rob Schumacher -- Photographer/videographer Jack Kurtz -- Photographer/videographer Christine Keith -- Photographer/videographer (PT) Catherine Jun -- Photographer/videographer Deirdre Hamill -- Photographer/videographer Mark Henle -- Photographer/videographer

Technology Team Pete Watters -- Technology Manager Karen Outland -- Technology Editor Jo Durazo -- Information specialist - technology (PT)

Photo Services Team Mike Dornbier -- Content Coordinator Dave Seal -- Imaging Editor Cyndi Reeves -- Imaging Editor (PT) Elena Rohan -- Imaging Editor Coryne Payne -- Imaging Editor Kelley Karnes -- Imaging Editor


Michelle Savoy -- Director

Angel Rodriguez -- Home Page Manager Louie Villalobos -- Night Home Page Coordinator Mark Lauffer -- Weekend Home Page Manager Maria Loven -- LaVoz Coordinator Theresa Cano -- Night producer Stephen Harding -- Night producer Open -- Weekend producer


Cherrill Crosby -- Director

Donna Coletta -- Library Manager Joanne Dawson -- Reference librarian Paula Stevens -- Reference librarian Nancy Hall -- Permissions coordinator Judy Hensel -- Database indexer Sherry Dupre -- Database indexer Elizabeth Smith-Devine -- Database indexer Alyson Star -- Photo indexer Ryan Konig -- Data reporter Matt Dempsey -- Data reporter Open -- Database developer Jana Aguirre -- Listings Coordinator Sarah Wells -- Information specialist -- calendar Amy Young -- Information specialist -- calendar Erica Reed -- Information specialist -- calendar Open -- Information specialist -- calendar Open -- Information specialist -- calendar Diane Wells -- Copy editor Heather Wells -- Copy editor Dave Campbell -- Copy editor


Kim Meader -- Administrative assistant Barbara VanDenburgh -- Administrative assistant Daniel Garcia -- Customer service coordinator Lura Madison -- Customer service assistant (PT) Beth Duckett -- Customer service assistant Rachel Quattrini -- Customer service assistant

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