Meghan McCain's vagina: not for voting.
Meghan McCain's vagina: not for voting.

Meghan McCain Claims Her Vagina Doesn't Decide Who She's Voting for

Despite the speculation that Senator John McCain's daughter, Meghan McCain, consults her vagina before casting votes -- speculation we assume never existed -- she claims she does not.

McCain was in the KTAR booth for her weekly chat with Mac and Gaydos yesterday, and confirmed something that no one really asked, like the time she explained that she's not a lesbian, but is actually "strictly dickly."

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McCain was asked about an article that says GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney is gaining ground with female voters, and McCain claimed the so-called "war on women" was concocted by the media.

(Full audio can be found here, McCain comes in just before the nine-minute mark.)

Although people like Republican Congressman Todd Akin -- who's mostly known for his comments on "legitimate rape -- are around, McCain said that personally, her vagina's not an influence.

"For me, as a pro-life, female, Republican voter, I'm not voting with my vagina," McCain said. "I'm voting with my pocketbook, and when it comes to national security -- those are the two main issues for me, not birth control."

There wasn't a follow-up to that, and we don't have contact information for McCain's vagina to comment.

However, after a quick Google search, we can confirm that at least some vaginas do prefer President Obama, although we had trouble finding pro-Romney vaginas.

If you just felt a sudden drop in your intelligence quotient, feel free to leave your grievance in the comments below.


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