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Mesa Doc Re-Arrested on New Sex Abuse Charges Following Lawyer's Claim He Wouldn't be Charged

We just got off the phone with Mesa Police Department Detective Steve Berry who tells us that not only are the three original sexual abuse charges against Dr. Gabriel Ogbonnaya still active, he was re-arrested on five additional complaints of sexual abuse, and two counts of sexual assault, this afternoon.

This comes just hours after his attorney, Jan Buescher -- who seems like she may be a graduate of the Gloria Allred school of media manipulation -- sent us an email saying Ogbonnaya would not be charged and chastising the Mesa Police Department for their mishandling of the case.

If you're not familiar with Ogbonnaya's case, click here.

According to Berry, Mesa police have received 25 calls about Ogbonnaya's alleged sexual abuse since his original arrest on June 9, which has led police to arrest him on the five additional counts of sexual abuse and the new sexual assault allegations.

Berry says the complaints are all fairly similar to the original accounts of the alleged abuse and none of the victims know each other.

That kind of puts to rest Buescher's original theory that the original two victims were friends conspiring to ruin the doctor.

According to court documents obtained by New Times, victims say Ogbonnaya, a doctor with the Healing Touch group, made sexual advances toward them -- including patting their vaginas and insisting they "have more sex" -- despite the victims being adamant that his behavior was unwanted.

The two additional counts of sexual assault, Berry says, come after one of the victims claims Ogbonnaya penetrated her with his finger after putting his hand down her pants during exams on two separate occasions.

Now that we've had a chance to crunch the numbers, Ogbonnaya now faces a total of eight counts of sexual abuse and two counts of sexual assault.

Several calls to Ogbonnaya's attorney's office have not been returned.

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