Mesa Woman Knocks Herself Out Before Beating Up Girlfriend and Forgetting She Had Weed in Her Pocket

A Mesa woman was drinking on Friday night and apparently thought it would be a good idea to intentionally slam her head into a wall -- right before beating the crap out of her girlfriend and forgetting she had weed in her pocket while talking with police.

According to the Mesa Police Department, 18-year-old Michelle Isaguirre was drinking at her apartment in the 400 block of East 9th Avenue, when she and her girlfriend had an argument.

Isaguirre apparently thought bashing her own head into a wall would prove her point, so she did exactly that -- smashing her head into the wall so hard she knocked herself unconscious.

When Isaguirre woke up, it was on.

Isaguirre reportedly punched her girlfriend in the face repeatedly before leaving the apartment.

Police were called and arrived at the apartment to find Isaguirre sitting on a log in front of the building. Her girlfriend was inside crying.

The girlfriend told police Isaguirre had smashed her head against the wall and then punched her repeatedly. Two other witnesses told the same story.

Isaguirre told police she felt bad about punching her girlfriend and even tried helping her get up.

While searching Isaguirre, cops found a bag of weed in her pocket. Isaguirre didn't say it wasn't hers, but she did tell officers "oops, I forgot I had that in there."

Isaguirre was taken to the hospital, where doctors checked her for head injuries -- ya know, because of the whole smashing-her-own-head-into-a-wall thing.

She was released from the hospital and booked on suspicion of marijuana possession, domestic violence assault, and underage drinking.

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