Moses Ulloa, Glendale's Own, Arrested Yet Again

Moses Ulloa -- the man voted by our readers as having the third-dumbest hometown pride face tattoos in the Valley -- was arrested yet again yesterday.

Ulloa and his moronic tattoos -- which include the City of Glendale logo on the top of his head, "Murdercopa County" on his neck, horns on his forehead, and a bullet hole between the words "bullet proof" on the side of his head -- lined up for Ulloa's third mugshot at the Maricopa County Jail in four months.

Ulloa was popped this time around for allegedly possessing burglary tools, which is part of the reason he was in jail the last two times.

Based on the cops' description of Ulloa's arrest in March, Ulloa was practically begging for police to pull him over while he was allegedly driving around with 10 grams of meth in his car.

According to court documents previously obtained by New Times, the officer said he was driving the opposite direction of a car on 59th Avenue being driven by Ulloa, 31, when Ulloa turned his headlights off, then back on.

The officer decided to check out what was going on and pulled him over.

Ulloa stopped his car, hung out the window, and yelled to the officer that he was sorry for flashing his headlights at him -- then drove away.

Nice gesture, but that's not really the protocol for traffic stops.

The cop followed Ulloa until he stopped again, and the officer discovered the license plate was reported stolen. As was the vehicle itself.

That's when cops found the 10 grams of meth, an unidentified amount of weed, a scale, and burglary tools inside the car, according to court documents.

Ulloa was booked back into jail earlier this month in the same case, as he was locked up with fellow hometown hero Vicente Valles, who has the City of Tempe logo tattooed on his chin, and an Arizona State University logo on his cheek.

New Times readers voted Valles' tattoos the dumbest hometown pride face tattoos in the Valley.

As for Ulloa, he was released from prison in October after serving nearly 2.5 years in the Arizona Department of Corrections for misconduct involving weapons.

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