Ms. Senior Arizona Pageant to be Held Saturday and, Yes, There's an Evening Gown Presentation

We're not sure what's grosser, little kid beauty pageants or ones for wrinkled old ladies, but in either case, we'd advise you keep a firm grip on your lunch.

That being said, the Ms. Senior Arizona Pageant is tomorrow night, and if you're interested in watching some youthfully challenged ladies strut their stuff in evening gowns you may want to hit it up.

The event is a beauty pageant for Arizona women over 60, where contestants compete for a chance to go to (ahem) scenic New Jersey in November for a shot at becoming Ms. Senior America.

The contestants' ages range from 60 to 82, but don't worry, there's no swimsuit competition.

The pageant consists of several categories including a Q&A with the judges, a talent competition, the evening gown presentation, and a "philosophy of life" category.

At their age, their philosophy of life should be simple: keep breathing.

Some of the talent competitions will include sewing, "cowboy poetry," dancing, and beading.

Yes, beading. Kind of the geriatric version of baton-twirling.

The pageant will be held at 6:30 the North Canyon High School auditorium. For more information and to get a look at some of these geriatric godesses, click here.

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