Joseph Edward Roberts
Joseph Edward Roberts

Mug Shot of the Week From Phoenix PD: 64-Year-Old Joseph Edward Roberts

It is a widely agreed-upon theory that sex offenders are almost required to have a mustache. While Joseph Edward Roberts has not been convicted of anything yet, if the theory holds true, that scraggly stache certainly won't help his upcoming case.

Roberts has been charged with sexual conduct with a minor, child abuse, sexual abuse, and public indecency, Phoenix police say.

Roberts, according to police, had at least six down-on-their-luck girls come live in his home, where he would buy them presents and then sexually abuse them.

Many of the victims were either homeless children as young as 15-years-old, or women or children recently released from jail.

Some of the victims claim that Roberts would make them call him "Uncle Joe," and some parents apparently were grateful that Roberts was watching over their kids.

The moustache? "Uncle Joe?" Parents didn't see red flags? In the words of Chris Rock, we wouldn't even let this guy watch our kids on TV.



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