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National "F*@K Prius Day" Hits Phoenix

If you drive a Toyota Prius, don't be too surprised if on your drive to work today a passing driver tells you to go fuck yourself.

Today is National "Fuck Prius Day," when those who don't drive the fuel-friendly cars of the future -- and think those who do need to get off of their environmental high-horses -- promise to barrage Prius drivers with F-bombs and middle fingers.

The new holiday is, of course, a product of Facebook and it's a lot less sophisticated than you may think: if you see a Prius, you yell "fuck you."

According to the group's organizer, a dirty look or a middle finger will also suffice.

The "Fuck Prius" movement is expanding to the international level, too. A commenter on the group's Facebook page claims to be from Sweden and says "Representing Prius-haters of Sweden, keep on hatin'!"

One Tempe Prius-hater we spoke to tells us she's willing to brave the heat to spread the message.

"I don't care how hot it is -- I'll stand outside all day. I hate those stupid things," she says.

Some of the comments on the group's Facebook page are a bit more direct.

"I own a diesel ran, turbo charged, V-Dub TDI. On a daily basis I say FUCK A PRIUS!!! I hate that damn car," says Julian G. Romero.

Check out the rest of the "Fuck Prius" discussion -- or sign up to join in on all the fun (not that signing up on Facebook is actually necessary -- all you really have to do to participate is tell Prius drivers "fuck you") -- by clicking here

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