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Nick Lachey, Vanessa Minnillo, David Spade walk the red carpet to Diddy party

When it's Diddy's party he shows when he wants to, but earlier in the night, plenty of other celebs and athletes strolled the red and rather chilly carpet.

As always, later is better on the celebrity party scene and the Axis/Radius Super Thursday event, sponsored by Phoenix New Times, was no different. Crowds lined the silver fence, waiting to catch a glimpse and catch the eye of famous faces.

Diminutive comic and apparent ladies man (Heather Locklear is reportedly among his past paramours,) David Spade took the walk without stopping to chat. The American Gladiators' Wolf, however, was in a howling good mood, stopping to growl with fans. Long frosted locks and a plaid sleeveless shirt were his style statement.

Actor Terry Crews danced and chatted along the L-shaped carpet, at one point he made his pecs dance in time to the music blaring from the stage. The group Next ambled down the red carpet before sliding on stage to perform.

The star wattage seriously went up with the arrival of Nick Lachey, Vanessa Minnillo, Jimmie and Chandra Johnson. Affable as always, Lachey took the time to chat with members of the media and interact with the crowd, too. Lachey and Johnson were kicking off their Super Skins Celebrity Golf Classic at the party; they hope to raise $40,000 for charity at their golf tournament Saturday. With Minnilo by his side, Lachey talked about two of his three favorite things.

Mark C. Austin

Nick Lachey and girlfriend Vanessa Minnillo did a couple of laps on the red carpet. Watch a slideshow from the party.

"Sports and singing are my two passions. I am fortunate that with my musical success I have been able pursue both. I own a minor league baseball team and, of course, I get to come out for Super Bowl," Lachey said. No stranger to sports, Minnillo said she "never gets tired" of watching games with Lachey.

Two-time reigning NASCAR Nextel champion Johnson revealed that he can relate to members of the New England Patriots and New York Giants.

"I know what that's like, right before a big game, you can't sleep but you need too and you just hope you do it right the next day," Johnson confessed. He says he is still pleasantly surprised at the tremendous success of racing.

Dylan Walsh and Julian McMahon, who play doctors Sean McNamara and Christian Troy on FX's Nip Tuck left their sharp instruments at home, but they still felt like they were on the set of their plastic surgery-themed show.

"You mean because of all the beautiful ladies?" Walsh asked, surveying the scantily-clad buxom crowd. McMahon seemed to have started the party a little early and was vague about his interest in football and pretty much everything else, although he was fascinated with fire and attempted to light this reporter's notebook on fire.

The crowd cheered late walkers Joey Fatone and Tommy Lee.

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