Nik Richie Strikes Back at Texas Woman Who Won Lawsuit; Vows to Make Her "The Face of Herpes"

Nik Richie vows to make the Texas woman who won a lawsuit against him the "face of herpes in America" as retaliation.

As mentioned last week, Richie's finances will be examined at a hearing in the Valley this week following his loss last year of the lawsuit.

The woman from La Porte, Texas, who sued won a $1.5 million default judgment against Richie for invasion of privacy after alleging that he published a picture of her on his Scottsdale-based Web site, thedirty.com, along with mean comments about her herpes infection.

Richie bragged to Los Angeles' KROQ radio recently that the site rakes in about $130,000 a month in revenue.


In a post Richie put up today, the self-described reality blogger states that he'll make the woman his "Mona Lisa" and the most famous person with herpes in America. He also encourages his readers to send in more "dirt" on her.

Despite his brag to KROQ about the quality of his lawyers, Richie states that he never showed to the Texas civil action because he never knew the case existed.

"Congratulations," he tells the woman, whose name is stated in the post's headline. "You are about to become the most famous person with HERPES who ever lived!"

Richie apparently figures that, if he's going to pay $1.5 million, he's going to get his money's worth.

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