Obama Protesters Leave Signs Near Dobson High School in Mesa

Opponents of the massive $787 billion American Recovery and Reinvestment Act expressed their frustration with a small protest and signs on roads and intersections surrounding Dobson High School in Mesa.

The signs leave no clue as to the organization or individual who placed them, but it the message is undeniably anti-Obama.

Located at the intersection of Dobson and Baseline roads, the signs state that the president's economic plan is a, "massive leftist power grab" and claim that "social health care is rationed health care."

Officers from Mesa Police Department, who have the school cordoned off from the public, said that protesters were at the school earlier Tuesday but that no incidents have occurred.

Chryselle Williams, one of the hundreds standing in line, said it was important to her to see Obama because of the historical significance.

While Williams applauds the President for passing the stimulus bill, she wishes that action had come sooner for those who have already lost their homes in the mortgage crisis.

"I think it came a little too late. As for me, I lost my home to a foreclosure and the banks would not work with me, but this is an opportunity for people who are still struggling to retain their homes, and that's what's important." Williams said.


 "My concern is for the individuals who have lost their homes, such as myself. How do we recover? No one is giving us credit, so where do we go? What do we do?"

As for the anti-Obama signs, Williams chalks it up to plain ignorance.

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