Russell Pearce Recall

Olivia Cortes' "Pro Bono" Attorney Anthony Tsontakis Scores Legislative Gig (w/Update)

Tom Ryan, the crusading Chandler attorney who in 2011 exposed the shenanigans behind the diversionary candidacy of Russell Pearce's fave Latina Olivia Cortes, is calling foul on news that Cortes-attorney Anthony Tsontakis has just scored a plum gig working as a legal beagle for the Republican-led state Legislature.

Tsontakis defended the clueless Cortes against an action Ryan brought last year in superior court. He recently Tweeted that he was leaving his short-lived private practice for "a warm offer" to be an attorney for the Arizona Legislative Council.  

Apparently, Tsontakis told a reporter with the Arizona Capitol Times' Yellow Sheet that, "his new job, which he started today, is in no way connected to his pro bono work for Cortes."

You'll recall that Cortes, a bumbling-but-useful idiot, was run as a candidate by local Tea Partiers, Pearce supporters and Pearce family members in an attempt to "dilute" the vote in Legislative District 18

This, in the hopes of helping then-state Senate President Pearce beat off a challenge from recall candidate and fellow Republican Jerry Lewis.

Ryan foiled the plan by dragging the whole lot of Pearce loyalists into a court hearing and placing them under oath

Cortes bowed out before a second hearing could occur, where Constantin Querard --the political operative many believe to have been behind the Cortes candidacy -- was to have been subpoenaed.

Never at a loss for words, Ryan had this to say of Tsontakis' appointment:

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