Over the Weekend: Backyard Wrestling and Air Guitar

By Jonathan McNamara

What is the most over-the-top form of entertainment? This weekend, two forms of joyous audio/visual overload locked together in battle to find out.

U.S. Air Guitar Championship (Phoenix)

A gang of invisible guitar strumming maniacs hit The Brickhouse Theater in downtown Phoenix this weekend proving that you instrument doesn't have to be real for you to rock out.

It was the first time the competition has reared its sweat-soaked head in the Valley. It was a good thing they did for local "guitarist" Hardcore Henry. Thanks to his hot performance on Saturday night, he's packing his air guitar (talk about traveling light) and heading off to San Francisco for the U.S. championship.

Heaven and Hell Backyard Wrestling Presents: Red, White and Pain

It was when wrestler M18 was suplexed through a sheet of plywood that we stopped worrying about the wrestlers and simply enjoyed the violence.

Heaven and Hell Backyard Wrestling gathered a crowd of more than a hundred people to witness the pain as wrestlers Havoc, DOA, Sgt. Stomp, The voice and others jabbed, threw and kicked their opponents to the ring floor.

It wasn't all pain and suffering however as the fourth match of the night was between to bikini-clad warriors destined to rumble in a pool of apple sauce. Sweet!

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Jonathan McNamara