Over the Weekend: Hurricane Ike

By Jonathan McNamara

Houston Press, part of our Village Voice Media family, has shown true fortitude in its coverage of Hurricane Ike over the weekend. Read the Press' stories, see its photos and pass on the news about how our Texas neighbors are faring with the links below.

Hurricane Ike Slams into Houston When the storm hit town in the early morn of Saturday, September 13, it flooded roads, snapped trees, prevented firefighters from saving a culinary landmark and shattered the windows of a downtown skyscraper.

Tensions Are Rising It’s bedlam by Intestate 45 and North Main. More than 30 cars full of increasingly angry motorists line up outside the pumps of an Exxon station, whose manager said at 11 a.m. the station wouldn’t open for at least another two hours.

Galveston Back Open The bridge to Galveston is now open. Looks like the police are letting people back in if they have Galveston addresses on their driver's licenses.

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Jonathan McNamara