Peoria's Most Wanted

By Jonathan McNamara

In a move that's sure to bring a smile to John Walsh's trademark serious mug, the Peoria Police Department has gone Web 2.0 by posting its top-10 most-wanted criminals on its their Web site similar to America's Most Wanted Dirty Dozen.

Have you seen these people?

The wanted list format is the same; Peoria's even asking citizens like you to provide any information you may have about their ten criminals. Yet one crucial difference exists between the hard-hitting crime show and the Peoria 10: most of Peoria's top 10 desperados landed in the limelight for minor offenses like the posession or attempted sale of narcotics. Really? Handling pot is enough to get you in the top 10?

Nevermind the fact that America's Most Wanted is so bad ass they kicked their wanted list up to 12 criminals, let's take a look at what they're wanted for. Emigdio Preciado, Jr. is wanted for attempted murder...of a cop! Jason Derek Brown has been accused of murder during an armed robbery of an armored car.

Admittedly, two of Peoria's 10 are wanted for assault charges. Two more are wanted for things like "questioning" and "false reporting." Peoria Police must be doing a great job if lying gets you in the top 10.

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