Pete Rose's ASU Girlfriend to Pose for Playboy

We're not sure what would terrify a father more: Finding out his 29-year-old daughter's dating 68-year-old scorned Major League Baseball legend Pete Rose or learning that the geriatric ex-slugger's persuaded her to appear in Playboy.

Kiana Kim's pops won't have to make that distinction because he gets to deal with both of the nightmare scenarios.

Kim, Rose's gal pal and an Arizona State University grad, announced on the Howard Stern Show this morning that she will appear in Playboy in coming months.

Rose, banned from baseball in 1989 for admittedly betting on his own team, the Cincinnati Reds, while both a player and a coach, has been publicly trying to get Kim to dis-robe for the skin-mag since the pair started dating in 2009, and for good reason -- she's hot.

"Boy, your girlfriend is super hot. Look at you...you can handle her? You are a legend," Howard said to Rose.

According to Kim's Web site, the Korean knockout has a business-marketing degree from ASU and worked as a flight attendant on Korean Airlines before meeting Rose. She currently owns a hair salon in Los Angeles.

After dwelling on Kim for several minutes, Howard shifted gears and got into whether Rose should be allowed into the Baseball Hall of Fame -- a hot topic among baseball fans since "Charlie Hustle" was banned more than 20 years ago.

Howard mentioned a recent poll that showed 60 percent of baseball fans would vote to allow Rose into the Hall.

"That disappoints me a little bit, " Rose responded. "I was thinking 85 or 90 percent." 

As slimy as Rose may be, his career statistics certainly warrant a Hall of Fame nod, but we'll take a page out of his book and bet it never happens. 

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