Phoenix Begins Pilot Program Offering Taxi Vouchers to Seniors. Anything to Keep Them From Getting Behind the Wheel, Right?

There are few things more maddening than getting stuck behind some old person doing 35 miles per hour, and the City of Phoenix may have found a solution.

This week, the city launched a program called "Senior Cab," where it offers senior citizens vouchers for cab rides at a discounted rate.

The pilot program, which began yesterday, allows seniors the chance to buy $10 taxi-voucher booklets for 30 percent of their value -- so each $10 booklet will only cost three bucks. Participants in the program are only permitted to buy $12 worth of vouchers each month, which would allow them $40 worth of cab rides.

The program will run for 19 months and is funded by the City of Phoenix and New Freedom money from the Federal Transit Administration.

The Public Transit Department says the vouchers will work with any cab company in the Valley, and while the fare will be covered by the voucher, gratuity is the responsibility of the senior. In other words, Valley cab drivers should probably expect to start seeing an influx in tips coming in the form of shiny new nickels for the next 19 months.  

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James King
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