Phoenix PD's Killer Cop -- Attention Fox 10's John Hook: You're Awesome

Often is the case in local TV news that a reporter asks a tough question, the subject gives some bullshit answer, and the conversation moves on without any sort of resolution.

As for Fox 10's John Hook: homey don't play dat.

Following the shooting of an unarmed Phoenix man by a Phoenix Police Officer Richard Chrisman on Tuesday, Hook interviewed Frank Marino, the chairman of Phoenix Law Enforcement Association, which just foot the bill for that officer's $150,000 bail.

If you're unfamiliar with the case, click here. We got the police report -- if that account is even remotely accurate, what happened is absolutely ridiculous.    

Hook asks Marino his take on what happened. Marino starts by saying "yeah, John, at this time we're standing by our officer."

That's when Hook got real, interrupting Marino with "yeah, I get that. I get the 'thin blue line'"

It got better. Check out the clip after the jump.

Hook's the same guy who last week held Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu's feet to the fire when he tried to bash New Times as being a "conspiracy-theory newspaper."

Hook, in another interruption, pointed out to Babeu that "In New Times' defense, Sheriff Babeu, they have done some of the best journalism in this town over the years. I mean, they've broken some big, big stories."

Here's a tip for anyone who might find themselves on the evening news: if you think you're gonna skate through an interview, and dodge tough questions, don't talk to John Hook.

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James King
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